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Saturday, March 5, 2011


My Favorites:
The one I have is a natural perfume spray but I didnt see it on the online store.

These are amazing and I really cant say enough about them or Korres in general. These are great when its been a long day and you are just exhausted and then sink seems a mile away.

I wore this at my wedding and it did wonders. You can play it up or play it down.

I also love the layer cake but figured listing two was enough lol.
I want to try these:

This is a Japanese product that is a cure all. Cuticles, dry hands, cracker heels, etc.

Same Japanese company, and I love chapstick!

I hate washing my hair everyday. It just isnt good for it, but it def needs a pick me up.

Thanks to my gene pool I really need some under eye coverage.

$22 but part of the proceeds go to City of Hope, cancer survivors/victims.

I usually only do their lip and mascara stuff, the makeup breaks me out, but this looks worth a shot.

I like children's items still lol.
Just dreaming:
This company is amazing. Free trade ingredients and the containers are eco friendly and recyclable. Sephora online has a thing were you can look at the story of the company. Nude is the brand.