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Human Trafficking

Stop Human Trafficking
Informational and or organizations that fight trafficking:
Stop the Traffik -wonderful site! one of my favorites

Make Way Partners

-I have more if you want more information and options.

Truth in what you buy:


Chocolate and child labor:

What can you do?:
1)Educate yourself.-The more you know the more you can do.
If you know the signs and how to report it then you may save a life.
Also knowing how it effects everyone, even you, your family, neighbor, etc. does a lot. It effects our economy, it effects our judicial system, it effects everyone because anyone can become a victim.
2)Educate others.-Be an advocate and become a voice for those who cannot speak.
Contact your senator, mayor, congressman, spiritual leader, etc. and tell them this is important to you and more must be done.
3)Donate.-There are many organizations that do so much direct and or indirect work. You can sponsor a child or survivor, buy products from survivors to give them back a way to support themselves, support a shelter or orphanage, or any of the other things you find and can think of. You can even donate your time if you as so many others do not have the money at this time.
The National Human Trafficking Resource Center and Hotline

BloodWater Mission

Help provide clean water to those who otherwise would go with out and also help fight HIV/AIDS.

Those who have access to clean water will in turn live longer happier lives. This especially helps those afflicted with HIV/AIDS that have weakened immune systems and could not fight off the bacteria, parasites, and pollutants found in the water sources that they have to travel to find.

The Environment

Your creator has blessed you with a beautiful earth. No matter if you believe global warming or not, please treat this gift with respect.

Domestic Violence

What is domestic violence?
A pattern of violence or intimidation in an intimate relationship by one intimate partner against another, designed to establish power and control over the victim. Domestic violence may be physical, sexual, and/or psychological abuse or assaults.
Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the U.S. Higher than mugging, rape and car accidents combined. -YWCA of Central Alabama
Why does the person stay?
women-for the children, or not to loose the children (often women believe that if they leave their children will be taken away), belief the abuser will change, belief it is temporary, belief divorce is morally wrong, love and he wasnt always this way, the abuser has caused social and family isolation, etc.
men- Shame, belief this doesnt happen to men.
For help, resources, and information to victims or family call:
National Domestic Violence Hotline
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence